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  1. Gary Evans

    2 years ago  

    Hi Brehm’s, What dog food do you recommend for a 6 month Old Lab in training?

    • Brehm's

      2 years ago  

      There are many factors you must keep in mind when choosing puppy food for your Lab.

      Large breeds grow faster and have far more growth to go through than smaller breeds, with a Labrador going from under a pound at birth to perhaps 75 pounds as an adult.

      This means their bones and joints change quickly and dramatically as they grow from a puppy to adult, increasing in over 75 times their initial weight. This is one reason large breed puppies are more sensitive to nutritional imbalances, perhaps the most important of which is avoiding an excess of calcium.

      Too much calcium in a Labrador puppy’s diet increases the risk of musculo-skeletal deformities, particularly hip and elbow dysplasia, because their bones grow so quickly and with excess calcium are prone to forming incorrectly.

      However, lacking calcium can also result in problems, so Labrador puppy food contains a safe amount for a puppy to grow correctly without having unsafe excess amounts.

      I recommend Loyall Dog Food: Puppy Formula 31/20.

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